Friday, January 11, 2013

The Blair/Mandelson/Patten Conspiracy on the EU Rolls On

Around this time yesterday morning an individual named Roland Rudd was on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme extolling the virtues of the EU how the Single Market was a British invention and the all consuming necessity of Britain remaining locked deep within the EU.

This was not the first such media appearance by Mr Rudd he had been all over the media for several days and his latest venture "Business for New Europe" has been prominent on Twitter for some time. Roland Rudd, 'The Player' as his local Kensington newspaper 'The Resident' dubbed him, read from here, is not alone in these efforts, this week being joined by Phillip Souta, BNE Director, whom we are informed at 0534 this morning will shortly be on BBC Radio 5 Live, no doubt pushing out the same poisonous, democracy defeating message:

BNE Director  on Wake up to Business talking about business leaders' views on the EU

Note the timeline on this tweet is shown at 6:34 whereas on the Home Page of the web site it is an hour earlier, ie British Time GMT, clearly indicating BNE is possibly being controlled from the Continent:

BNE Director @PhillipSouta on @bbc5live Wake up to Business talking about business leaders' views on the EU

January 11, 2013 05:34

I will be returning to this topic shortly, because it is clearly urgent that something be done about these conspirators. I urge all to read the report on Mr Rudd linked above which appeared in The Resident and includes these telling passages:

Rudd was now a major mover and shaker, with connections in the City and also in politics; most notably at the top of New Labour, where he enjoyed privileged access to Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson....

Is there, indeed, any activity in which Rudd is not involved? Famously, he was one of the so-called 'wise men' who in 2007 advised Tony Blair on what he should do after resigning as Prime Minister

My inclusion of Chris Patten in the headine to this posting stems from the circumstances surrounding the ready access given to the BBC airwaves to this group of men who clearly bear much of the blame for this nation's present despair. I recommend also reading the CSE pamphlet "Guilty Men" by Peter Oborne and Frances Weaver which may be downloaded free in pdf format from here and details, inter alia, the extent of BBC and Financial Times involvement in this EU conspiracy to date!

Finally some may wish to read Tony Blair's plans to replace Van Rompuy, presumably what this is all about, the fate of our poor bankrupt group of islands being of nil importance to these powerful, scheming and Dom Pérignon sipping individuals!

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