Sunday, January 06, 2013

Brainwashed Britons Face Ruin & Slavery

The Mail on Sunday, linked here, carries an opinion poll of public opinion in the UK which has the following results regarding the EU:

"...on Europe, 24 per cent chose Mr Cameron, with Mr Farage in second place on 20, ahead of Mr Miliband on 19 and Mr Clegg on seven."

In spite of the nation being effectively bankrupt, every major sector of manufacturing industry now largely in the hands of foreign ownership, our utilities which deliver the essentials of daily life, gas, electricity and water all being in the control of foreign companies (sometimes even foreign, state-controlled entities), the man leading the Tory party David Cameron, as such heir to the traitor Edward Heath, who sold out our country on the Common Market, lock stock and barrel, is actually ahead in an opinion poll on the very subject of the evil entity, the now re-named European Union, that is daily exerting tighter and more draconian control over the landmass that geography has been unkind enough to make our nearest neighbour!

Last week the BBC Four TV channel screened a well researched programme into Hitler's Revenge weapons the "Vergeltungswaffens"
 the VI (or Doodlebugs) and V2 rockets launched against London from the late summer of 1944 with the sole intention of killing as many British civilians as possible in revenge for his then certain defeat, read here. How grotesque was that?

Look at the misery now being inflicted upon German orders, all across the Continent of Western Europe, the poverty and unemployment in Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and soon too in France.

How can Cameron and his government be so blind as to not see the dangers from the EU, to pretend that none knew this would be the guaranteed and well forecast result of European Monetary Union, forecast by many, many economists and other thoughtful and clear-thinking individuals. This is ALL as planned!

Were not then the entirety of Hitler's "Vergeltungswaffens" perhaps V1.....V2.....EU? 

Apparently, so far in the UK, only 20% of the population have awoken to that scary possibility. UKIP's task is to make sure the majority begin to wake up to the realities now taking place across the Channel. See my posting to IB Times on the birth of Greater Germany from here.

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Anonymous Budgie said...

You are right about Cameron, and the state of the nation.

The euro survived 2012, and in my view will continue to do so, not least because UK money went into the IMF in 2012 to prop it up. Step forward Boy Dave, the saviour (along with Saint O'Barmy) of the euro.

My view is that the eurozone (EZ) will detach itself from the EU and will effectively become a stand alone state. If Cameron and all the europhile bigwigs get their way we will still be trapped in the EU, which will become a moribund shell.

The EZ takes our money, gives us even less power than we currently have, traps us with red tape, and comprehensively outmanoeuvres Cameron; that's the recipe for 2013.

3:30 PM  

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