Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Enigma of Richard Millhouse Nixon

One hundred years ago today, former US President Richard Nixon was born in California. The man had a brilliant and powerful career even before becoming President, from which office he was eventually forced to resign in disgrace. Other common remembrance must include a disastrous TV appearance in an earlier Presidential contest against J.F. Kennedy and the much quoted public perception that one would not buy a used car from him. 

Earlier this week I prepared a posting for IB Times, linked here, to mark this anniversary. It was titled "How Richard Nixon "Whupped" the West and Crowned China" It was published on Monday afternoon in the UK edition of that internet newspaper, with the word "Whupped" changed to "Saved", thus reversing the intent of the comment. (My wife warned me not to use "whupped" an Americanism meaning "to administer a beating to especially as punishment" but it was the perfect word to exactly convey what I felt Nixon had contrived).

I pointed out the problem as to the change of intent on the comment to editorial staff of the International Business Times and to their credit they removed "Saved" and inserted my original "Whupped".

Will those running the major economies of the Western democracies now wake-up to what President Nixon contrived? Can they begin to show some solidarity, which is what is required for currency stability if international trade is to be restored and run smoothly for the greater prosperity of all, banishing the greed and selfishness, which in the interim have now also killed the Euro Common Currency as a harsh lesson to us all, particularly we Europeans?

Nixon inflicted a whupping on the West for our naked greed, not than on our naked buttocks but in the sphere of international trade and commerce! The pain has thus been almost bearable but has endured for forty plus years, a new Bretton Woods would ease it!

Those wishing to learn more about the remarkable life of this great man, born 100 years ago today, could start here.


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