Friday, January 11, 2013

FT EU Conspirators knew Euro would collapse

EU Commission President Barroso is quoted in the Telegraph this morning, linked here, claims it is not the EU that has caused Europe's ongoing disaster bringing misery to millions.

This is untrue, the CPS pamphlet Guilty Men, linked here, makes clear the Financial Times was one of Britain's institutions that conspired towards the circumstances which brought us to this end. I have boxes of files of my own contributions to the FT Forums, run by that newspaper, in which with others we warned against the certain outcome. I tweeted in four sections one such passage, an image of which page is included here as certain proof:

Retrieving these records is made more difficult by them no longer being available on the internet. The Moderator on these forums merely signed with a lower case 'c', I have no idea to this day who he was, perhaps he would now like to come out from the shadows and give his no doubt very clever and contrived version of the events that have brought Europe to this ever obvious "debacle"?


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