Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cameron/Amsterdam, Lidington/Link, Chamberlain/Hitler

Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R69173 / CC-BY-SA

British Prime Minister David Cameron, has brought forward his absolutely crucial landmark speech on Britain's future relationship with the increasingly grotesque European Union, from Tuesday 22nd January to Friday 18th January, read here. The reason given being that it clashes with the fiftieth anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, between Germany and France, which Agreement divided power over Western Europe between these two countries. Such control has been secretively exercised and ruthlessly exploited to now return Europe to non-democratic rule by unknown entities, and in so doing to have delivered a state of near despotism, the likes of which which most of us had hoped had been banished for ever from our Continent - at  truly terrible costs for almost the entire world!

Yesterday brought yet another sign of Britain's previously unheard of subjugation to German power; the following linked pictures of Europe Minister in Berlin, receiving his instructions for the next year , are not to be found in the British news media this morning. That is how we are now governed: in the deepest possible secrecy, with only odd clues becoming available, no doubt as demanded by the British participants anxious to avoid sensations of guilt rather than  the deep shame they should properly feel!  

No wonder Cameron is scared to offer the British people a choice of whether or not to remain within this conspiracy. Is any presumed prosperity, through trade, worth buying at this price;  in betrayal of so many of our ancestors' bloody sacrifices AND in blatant contradiction of their centuries held beliefs in individual freedoms?

Note that the German description of yesterday's Link/Lidington meeting opened as follows:

"These consultations focus on intensive exchange of views regarding strengthening of the Economic and Monetary Union"

Britain is supposed to enjoy a permanent opt out from European Economic and Monetary Union, otherwise masquerading as the widely detested and poverty inducing "Euro: symbolised thus €".

Such is the depth of the deception now underway, bought into (for what gain?,) and surreptitiously delivered by all three of our main political parties and almost the entire British establishment for the past 40 years, (N.B. the Elysée Treaty had already been up and running for ten years when another Tory PM Edward Heath betrayed us!) 

Hence the celebrations next Tuesday and  the consequent change in date of Cameron's speech, fully demonstrating the absolute contempt with which these Continentals presently regard our Nation!


Blogger Tickety said...

So very much enjoy following your informative blog. Please keep it up. One day i hope we will get these traitors in court. There may be many of them but I am sure we are many more. thank you again.

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At truly terrible costs for almost the entire world!
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