Sunday, January 13, 2013

UKIP ahead of Tories in a Poll - Prepare for Power!

The surge in the support for the UK Independence Party in the polls seems to continue, read here. Higher ratings bring extra political clout, if the drive continues this will slowly but surely translate into genuine political power.

Already UKIP are setting the tone of the national debate on our place in Europe, quite rightly so too after many years of perseverance and brilliant speech after cutting speech from their leader, Nigel Farage MEP, in the Strasbourg/Brussels Parliament. Other sensible policy areas will inevitably also soon feel a UKIP factor!

Those of us who have struggled to keep the flame of British independence from the evil EU  alive, with a restoration of democracy in Britain a still, albeit small and barely surviving hope, are fully aware that real political power still lies a long way off.

As already forecast on this blog, an outright victory by UKIP in the European Parliamentary elections next year is a realistic possibility. It is presently astounding that Labour are ahead in the same poll on the EU that put UKIP ahead of the Tories, and shows the widespread ignorance that abounds among the British electorate. Inherited class voting patterns need to be smashed when all three big parties are so clearly morally and philosophically compromised.

UKIP's task is to now ensure that voters learn that the blame for their democratic and economic betrayal is almost equally shared among the three large parties. The nature of the beast we are fighting and its insidious spread into nearly every every nook and cranny of our country's public life makes it almost certain that some of its advance have to be down to the blackmail or other improper pressurising of many in public life. Were a brave few now to declare this as fact, and give their personal examples of such EU advances, UKIP might wish to consider some form of amnesty programme in "the truth and reconciliation type inquiry" which will certainly be necessary should the electorate ever reward them with real power.

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Blogger WitteringsfromWitney said...

I am sure we all know what Ukip should be doing, unfortunately it would appear no-one in Ukip does.

Ukip should have been all over the airwaves rebutting the misinformation that is being put out by the likes of Heseltine - why weren't they? There is much the party should be doing but isn't - why? It is not as if Farage can't get the airtime.

Preparing for power, they are not!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

You may well be right that UKIP will get the largest share of the vote in the 2014 Euro election, but this will be due to the low turnout we have seen in all the Euroelections.
With less than 40% of voters going to the polls it will be the Eurosceptic oldies who make a point of voting, and not for ConLibLabs.

The lies of ConLibLab need to exposed on all occasions along with their supporters in the BBC and the media. I do not see UKIP doing this.Farage is not good on television and in the longer term must be replaced by someone with the knowledge and skills to take up the challenge.

I vote UKIP but the future is Farage. I have the feeling he would do a deal with the Conservatives in return for a referendum and a safe seat for himself.

3:15 PM  

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