Monday, January 14, 2013

The EU as Heritage Looters

The EU relies on lies to advance, always has, and with its present ensconced institutions and leadership style and patterns, surely always will. This year, an ever greater affront, we have Marseille, named European Capital of Culture for 2013.

The absurdity of such an astounding, ignorant and preposterous proposition can be quickly grasped from a brief read of these fascinating links: The Cosquer Caves, Sea Peoples and Phoenicians and perhaps most interestingly because of his trip north and the Greeks thus attributing him with the discovery of tides, the probably Phoenician or even Turkish Pytheas of Massilia!

Those who wish to really get their heads stuck into the background to the depths of the EU distortion of history to further their reborn European Imperialist ambitions may wish to consider further reading regarding Tartesso, Recent Genetic discoveries on European origins and finally some pretty telling stuff indicating mankind's spread along the Mediterranean from West (around Huelva in Southern Spain) to East. 

Not good reading for those who wish to fashion a new despotic Roman Empire type entity out of the existing EU, as evidenced in the trampling over the real cultural significance of Marseille by claiming it as a European City!

My thanks to @Sarah_Ben_Ammar on Twitter who tweeted on this topic yesterday and alerted me to this affront!

Sarah Ben Ammar

Sarah Ben Ammar


Journaliste. De mère gauloise et père carthaginois. Patriote, souverainiste, anti-mondialiste, anti UE fédérale. Membre du bureau national de DLR 


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