Thursday, January 17, 2013

EU Advice from Anne Palmer and Rodney Atkinson

Two of the most dedicated opponents of the EU since the earliest days when its game plan had become clear to only a limited few, have now given us their thoughts on the upcoming Cameron speech, due to be made in Amsterdam tomorrow. That from Anne Palmer, is reproduced in full; while that of Rodney Atkinson is quoted only with its opening paragraph, with a link to his own web site, where it is much better presented!


Some people have much more faith in Mr Cameron's promise of an, "in or out" vote on the EU than I have and that is for sure. Will the REFERENDUM be held BEFORE the next General Election or will the people have the absolute stone cold sober promise to hold one AFTER, if by any chance anyone is or was fool enough to vote for any ONE of the THREE MAJOR Political Parties that ALL WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU- FOREVER, then more fool them, for our MP's still expect the people to continue paying their VAST WAGES as if they are governing, and most importantly, they still want their vast expenses?

I am urging people to use the coming General Election as the REFERENDUM we were promised and never had. We know without doubt we have THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES that all want to remain in the EU-forever. Why on earth would any of us vote for one of them when we want "freedom from foreign rule", exactly as written in our own Constitution?  Put your COUNTRY (and its freedom from foreign rule) before your Allegiance to your Political Party and hope that those you elect also realise that their total sworn solemn Oath of Allegiance is to this, their own British Crown that represents all of us.  May this always be so, for none of us that were in that last war want any allegiance what-so-ever to be to FOREIGNERS.

Our Governments have fooled us in the past, but whether in a Political Party or not, (And I am NOT in any Political Party or Organisation) I urge you to put the freedom of our Country before any one of the three major political Parties that want the money, the vast expenses, but want foreigners to actually Govern this Country completely and forever if they get a chance. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO HAVE THAT CHANCE.

Many of the British people have had enough of foreigners making the laws that even our Government has to obey for we see Government cutting down on pensioners, workers, the old, the sick and the vulnerable yet government still pays, or borrows more money to pay the EU its billions of British Pounds and to also contribute financially to the many EU Agencies, one of which is the EU Defence Agency, while they are busy reducing our Defence and Forces.

There is no point in voting for any of the three Major Political Parties because they all three want to remain in the EU forever.  Therefore it makes sense to use the General Election as the REFERENDUM, and only vote for Political Parties or Organisations that want FREEDOM from FOREIGN RULE so that a true Britsh Government can Govern this Country according to its long standing Common law Constitution.  In case any have forgotten, our Constitution FORBIDS us to obey or allow foreigners to govern or make laws in violation of our Constitution, for to destroy our own Constitution is treason. Two Terrible WARS were fought to prevent foreigners from Governing us.  We betray those that gave THEIR young lives for OUR freedom.

To those that read this, please DO use your (REFERENDUM VOTE) at the next GENERAL ELECTION, and please ALL vote if possible to make sure all vote papers are used up (so none other may use it) and also to make it the biggest vote in the history of this Country.   This, to me, is the only peaceful way (Yes, I know there is another way) we can free our Country from foreign rule.  This way might be regarded as the Second "Glorious Revolution" in our history making. 

As you maybe aware, this Coalition Government has only put through EU legislation, for almost every bit of it started its Journey from the EU, yes, even same-sex Marriage. Which ever Organisation votes may go to, just make sure they are NOT GOING TO ANY ONE OF THE MAJOR THREE Political Parties, Labour, Conservatives or the LibDems.  It is your future, the future of this Country and it is well and truly in your hands, and I believe the healthy competition will serve you well. Go for it.  Anne


16th January 2013
Even before David Cameron sits down to negotiate his "new relationship" with the European Union aggressive threats emanate from EU leaders. The Dutch say they don't like opt outs, some Germans say we can't pick and choose and the Eurocrat parachuted in as the unelected Prime Minister of Italy said "In Europe there are some who feel their heart would be lighter if the UK left the EU". So much for Mr Cameron's "friends" and "partners"!
Such comments - and even a passing acquaintance with the history, structure and constitution of the European Union - indicate that it is extremely unlikely that what is acceptable to the builders of the "country called Europe" can come to an agreement with a people wishing to maintain their existence as a nation state and enjoy democratic sovereignty.

Read the full comment "Repatriating Powers from the European Union" by Rodney Atkinson, from his own Free Nations site, linked here.

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Our Government has to obey for we see Government cutting down on pensioners.
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Therefore it makes sense to use the General Election as the REFERENDUM.

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