Friday, January 18, 2013

Cameron's Unworldliness is Crucifying his Country

I am fortunate in having passed a varied life. I have traveled the world and experienced living in various countries either side of the Atlantic. Among my business experiences I can include several business trips to Algeria and extensive dealings with Sonatrach, joint owner of the gas facility which came under attack. This haughty state petroleum company played a major role in cementing that nation's hard won independence from France. Coincidentally my wife spent part of her adolescence living in Algiers. All these experience made it plain to us the likely outcome of the attempted hostage taking.

Had David Cameron any feel for the real world, or even be running a Foreign Office understanding the driving forces in the nations it is supposed to monitor, he would have immediately known that he was powerless to affect the outcome of this week's tragic hostage event, gritted his teeth and delivered his EU speech today, hopefully concentrating on the well being of his country in the present grave crisis it faces regarding the increasingly despotic European Union.

Instead Cameron chose to twiddle his thumbs in pointless COBRA meetings and summon his Foreign Secretary to return from Australia when widespread worldwide media reports were clear events had run their course. The suspicion must be that this latter decision was taken as pure camouflage for his cowardly choice to cancel his Amsterdam trip altogether.

Among my own experiences I can count some years boarding at a Public School, while also having attended other private schools as well as a state primary and the gem, a Grammar School. I have seen the strengths and weaknesses of Britain's class structures first hand! This allows me to form some conclusions about the likely characters of the two men involved in this farce yesterday. One the privileged, arrogant Flashman style, 'know it all', bullying type, the other, the bright, state-educated upstart, always ready to be put in his place and defer to his betters. One would have hoped that Britain had left all this behind two centuries ago!

This morning Britain's titular Prime Minister, should quickly announce that his speech will be made later today to Parliament! Furthermore it should be completely re-written to ignore the bullying attempts of President Obama, the vested interests of his deputy PM Nick Clegg, and indeed the entire lobby of pensioned Eurocrats and their fellow travelers the corporate parasites whose interests who have sucked this country economically dry through the conspiracy which started as a supposed mere Common Market and the corruptibility of our Establishment.


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