Sunday, June 05, 2011

If Scotland splits off and the EU fragments - Who can be English?

Today I feel compelled to raise two apparently entirely different matters, the connection of which only hit me right between the eyes this sunny Sunday morning.

The first was a post on Orphans of Liberty , with perhaps the best blog posting title of all time by a poster named, Quiet_Man, it is "♫ How do you solve a problem like shariah ♫",  linked here.

The second is a report from EU Observer, which I first read last week, and have been chewing on its implications ever since. This is titled "Anti-racism campaigners slam Finnish colour-coded ID cards" which contains this image:

I have blogged in the past on the likely outcome of the EU collapse as being fragmentation, some of which posts may be read from this link,  now we have this evidence that the implications of the problems that such a break up will cause are beginning to be considered in some of the former nation states.

I continue to believe that the Scot's independence is only economically feasible within the structures of a continuing EU, (read more here and here) but were they to gain separation, our British birthrights would thereby become meaningless and those of us with generations of living within the English portion of Great Britain, would presumably have the right to decide who has a right to English nationality, residence and work, and more tellingly who does not!

The scenario spelt out in the preceding paragraph is clearly a potential nightmare with endless opportunities for bloody conflicts. That is the true horror of what the EU has wrought, through its deliberate flouting of both democracy and decency!

The discussion thread on the posting on shariah law, linked above, visibly illustrates the depths of the disaster our membership of the EU has delivered, not just economic ruin, but the destruction of the very foundations of the nationhood that once stood surety for our liberty, security and rights!

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