Thursday, June 02, 2011

ECB's Trichet calls for EU finance ministry! Accepts prize for unity!

Things really do seem on the skids this evening. Earlier I blogged that the ECB seemed to be facing bankruptcy, see the posting beneath this, now reports are coming through that the head of this crazed and out of control organisation, Jean-Claude Trichet, is calling for an EU Finance Ministry, presumably to bail out the EU's Central Bank!

Read more from - New York Times, Wall street Journal and The Guardian

Treasure this excerpt and quotation from the WSJ, as Europe stands poised on the brink of yet another disintegration:

In a speech accepting the Charlemagne prize for European unity, Mr. Trichet said the "union of tomorrow" could include veto power for European institutions over national budgets, and even a common European finance ministry to shape countries' economic policies.

Visit the WSJ link to see a photograph of this smug individual, who has followed his destruction of the ERM, with that of the Euro, as he receives his Charlemagne prize. Few modern day Europeans can have experienced such a career, where one catastrophe has followed so quickly upon others.Fewer still could be so blind to the pointless destruction of so many democracies.

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