Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Does/did Greece hold $27 billion CDS insurance against default?

The blog Covering Delta, on 29th May, made a posting  covering assertions made on the floor of the Greek Parliament, which may be read in full from here. The post titled "Accusations of treason in the Greek Parliament" contains allegations of both treason and possible criminal action. Part of these have been refuted in a press release posted later on the site, which nevertheless leave many matters unexplained. I quote merely the concluding paragraphs:

This is a very urgent moment for the country. Terms of national surrender are being negotiated abroad as we speak that have existential implications for Greece herself. Her borders, her mineral and resource rights and the social and culture lining of her very womb are at stake. The Greek military budget is being gutted under the terms of the memorandum, just as Turkish ships are reportedly increasing their oil and gas exploration efforts off the Aegean coast and as the EU has moved to, yet again, challenge the national borders of Greece with the recognition of the European Federation of Western Turks of Thrace. The groundwork is being laid for the existential destruction of the Greek nation through diplomacy, debt, and who knows, even physical occupation at some point in the not to distant future.
This cannot stand. Greeks cannot and must not allow this treason to stand any longer. The memorandum signed in May of last year is null and void. It was treasonously conceived and illegally passed in direct violation of the Greek constitution. Our government cannot be trusted, and many of our “leaders” may very well be working on behalf of their own best interests and on behalf of the interests of foreign agents intent on stripping Greece of the VERY SOVEREIGNTY that her founders worked so tirelessly to ensure during the revolution against Ottoman rule and subsequent German occupation.
I don’t know what else to say. There is nothing left to say. Defiance is the only course of action left at this point. Greeks cannot trust their own leaders to protect that which is rightfully theirs. George Papandreou wishes to return from this weekend’s negotiations bearing “gifts” from the Troika that are nothing but ticking time bombs. Our country is being sold down the Rhine for morsels of bread.
I cannot stand to watch this continue for any longer.



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There's the thing about Greeks bearing gifts but what about those bearing gifts for Greece?

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