Saturday, June 04, 2011

"Reinforced Assistance" - New EU Speak for Pillage and Subjugation.

The Irish Times this morning, in a report from Athens (good old-fashioned journalism that!) has this terrifying statement:

As the troika cleared the way last night for the release of a €12 billion loan to Greece under its existing rescue plan, EU economics commissioner Olli Rehn said the European Commission and euro zone member states stood ready to “reinforce” technical assistance to Greece.

“We remain open to explore possibilities for further and reinforced assistance should there be a need, for instance in taxation and privatisation matters,” Mr Rehn said last night.

It is essential that the British Prime Minister NOW makes a statement on these events. He and his predecessors have always maintained that it was unthinkable that the EU would ever be allowed to interfere with, let alone set, the rates of national taxation.

Now, today, in clear words and with no room for any doubt, an EU Commissioner is proposing actually collecting and removing tax receipts from a member state and selling and passing to foreigners the proceeds of the sale on another nation's national assets. Although in Britain we have to go to an Irish newspaper to learn that fact.

What else can reinforced assistance relating to taxation and privatisation possibly mean? How can the other Governments of the member staes of the EU remain silent at such an outrage? 

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