Friday, June 03, 2011

Papandreou faces a revolt! Trichet and "Localism".

GREEK PREMIER George Papandreou, on the day that the 'Troika' are set to deliver the terms for the full surrender of Greek sovereignty to the Euro Group of 'once-upon-a-time' nations, faces a revolt by 16 MPs in his own party, in a Parliament where he only commands a 6 vote majority.

A report from the Irish Times, the leading newspaper of the next country in line for complete dismemberment by the Euro Group, carries a detailed report linked here, but does not mention the issue of the Credit Default Swaps discussed on my blog earlier this week, linked here, which has also received scant attention elsewhere.

The worrying aspect of a possible collapse of the Greek Government, is that this seems to be the new modus operandi of the expansionist EU Empire. Belgium is the longest continuing example, but events in Ireland, Portugal and now Finland all lead to the conclusion that the EU can handle countries much more easily and effectively with a weakened , nonexistent or finely balanced, coalition national governing arrangement.

Even in the UK, where such became necessary after the last election, giant strides have rapidly been made in the EU's power grab, made possible by the complete dependence of the Liberal Democrats on EU funding, quickly becoming equally essential for the ever more treacherous Conservatives.

The EU plans to rule via the Regions and so-called "Localism" which will all be centrally controlled from Brussels, where autocrats will hold all the purse strings. Those of us awake early enough in the UK to hear the farming programme on BBC Radio FourEU, were treated to some stunningly outrageous lies and propaganda supporting this "Localism" project.Read more on the steady advance on the secretive and non-democratic horror that is EU regional policy, from EurActiv, linked here.

We must all fervently hope that Trichet's coming departure from the ECB will have a similar impact as that on an earlier, mostly imaginery Empire, after the death of its Emperor in 814 AD, in whose name Trichet was  hilariously awarded a prize for "European Unity" in Aachen last evening, see my posting below!

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Blogger James Higham said...

The EU plans to rule via the Regions and so-called "Localism" which will all be centrally controlled from Brussels ...

Controlled locally by CP, under auspices of Brussels.

2:15 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Any readers not familiar with Common Purpose, (or CP° as referred to in James Higham's comment above, can find the first of 5 videos detailing the activities of this dreadful organisation, all made by Brian Gerrish, from this URL:

3:52 PM  

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