Saturday, May 07, 2011

Britain, the EU and English Nationalism.

The Scots now have an Assembly/Parliament with a majority controlled by a party supporting independence for Scotland. To be more precise the SNP seeks independence from Westminster while remaining within the present European Union.

Scotland has a population of only 10 per cent that of England, which latter country actually accounts for roughly 85 per cent of that of Britain. Scotland has a more ancient pedigree than England as a nation while geographically its location and large continental shelf render it highly attractive to the greed driven zealots who control the EU. Its welfare dependent and comparatively small population would make it easily and inexpensively acquired considering the potential size of its land area and resources.

Scottish independence is not viable in a Britain removed from the EU, that fact is the crux of the matter which should be at the forefront of every Englishman's mind!

In two days time it will be the 61st anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which led to the Treaty of Paris, through which France and Germany now control Europe.

Britain is the entity which entered what has now become the EU, a dismemberment of the United Kingdom, would therefore seem unlikey to bestow any automatic right of EU membership to the then separated parts. Successive British leaders and its establishment, since the futile stand of Maggie Thatcher, have shown time and time again that they lack the courage to confront the growing tyranny and ever-growing direct control from the Continent.

England's leaders will therefore be unlikely to now thwart EU ambitions towards direct control of Scotalnd, which will finally fulfill the centuries old ambitions of our neighbours across the Channel, to see England sandwiched, compressed and controlled from Europe.

The fact that Britain's Prime Minister at this crucial moment has previously boasted of having Scottish blood flowing thick in his veins, is a further worrying factor - well may the SNP Leader at his first news conference after his stunning victory of yesterday have stated - that he would be calling the British Prime Minister that evening to lay down some markers!

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