Friday, May 06, 2011

UK National Parties Advance

It appears that with the exception of Wales, the nationalist parties in the UK are making steady advances as votes are still being counted.

In Scotland the BBC is making much in the news bulletins of the prospect of the SNP perhaps being able to govern in the country's regional assembly with a majority in its own right, while the English Democrats have overnight gained their first two elected councillors in Lincolnshire.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, pointed out last evening the crucial fact that it is in England where the effects of such a Scottish Nationalist advance will most strongly be felt, as follows:

"It seems very likely that the SNP will do well at the polls today and become the dominant voice for Scotland. This will be a welcome development for English Nationalists.

It should be noted however that, if this happens, the likelihood of independence for Scotland grows significantly greater. Also, as the British Government cuts budgets in England, the knock on effect on the Scottish budget, because of the Barnet Formula, will make Independence increasingly attractive financially to Scottish voters.

It is therefore becoming ever more urgent that the people of England should have their own Parliament, First Minister and Government. The more that the Scottish and Welsh nationalists experience electoral success the more difficult it will be for the British Government to impose its neo colonial will unchallenged upon an unresisting England."

I will be posting further on the implications of this nationalist advance for Britain and the EU this coming weekend.

UPDATE Sunday 8th May, read Saturday's follow-up posting from here; read Sunday's posting from here.

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