Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Living without Law

Portugal, with no democratic government until mid-June, has announced it has reached agreement with the EU and IMF on a rescue package, one report is in The Guardian, linked here, from which note carefully this quote:

He said that Portugal had "got a good deal" and that further cuts to civil service pay would not be needed. "We will beat this crisis," he added.

No elected officials negotiated the terms of the deal for Portugal, its civil servants, "state employees" undertook the task, so naturally there will be no cuts in civil service pay. Read more on this from Mary Ellen Sinon in the Daily Mail, from here.

The terms of any loans or financing for Portugal should only be agreed by the incoming elected government with a mandate outlining the essentials of the terms. Such would be a necessity if the EU had remained a grouping of democratic nations.

Similarly the "authority" to break the terms of the international treaty known as the Schengen Agreement, should not be in the power or gift of the EU Commssion President.

The Parliamentary approval for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was outside the scope of Britain's Constitutional arrangements. The list of lawlessness grows longer by the day!

To save the Euro, (for which assume the name stands merely for THEIR pay, pensions and perks) these people will stop at nothing! No democratic nicety, nor any slightest nod towards decency nor honesty will be allowed to stand in the path of their determination to protect the privileges purloined by their lust for power!



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