Friday, April 29, 2011

The shadow of the gallows over today's Royal Wedding.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has seized the rare opportunity, provided by today's Royal Wedding of her Grandson Prince William to Kate Middleton, to demonstrate her loyal subjects' absolute contempt and complete disgust for the treasonous activities of her two most recent former Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

By refusing to invite these two men to attend the celebrations in Westminster Abbey today, she has indicated to her subjects, the enormity of their crimes whilst  holding the highest office in the land, compounded by their amending the penalty for such crimes they and their accomplices were knowingly committing. The price for treason when New Labour took office was to be found at the end of a rope, today it is not! Are not such changes strong evidence that they well knew of what they were about?

Blair and Brown, in the arrangements for the transfer of power, delivered the governance of Britain to foreigners by devious manouevres, sidestepping our Parliamentary protections and contrary to our longstanding constitutional arrangements. All as spelled out day by day in great detail on this blog as the changeover was made.

It is to the shame of those other senior politicians in Britain, particularly the present Prime Minister, David Cameron and his Deputy Nick Clegg, (but also former Prime Ministers John Major and Margaret Thatcher,)  that  these two men are still allowed to continue to walk free, while they should be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, allowing a thorough review of each detail of exactly how and by whom else the nation was thus betrayed, thus sparing the Sovereign from today having  been forced to stand alone in giving form to her countrymen and countrywomen's smouldering outrage at what has been wrought upon our country.

I have queried the silence of our Monarch on this blog in recent years, while these treacheries have been played out. The Queen's gesture today provides some comfort that all may not yet be completely lost.

My own wishes from this blog go to the young couple, embarking on their life together today, especially given the gravity of the duties and responsibilities thay may one day have to assume.

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Blogger Sue said...

The EU are slightly miffed that none of their elite were invited either.

Could this also be a snub for the same reasons?

7:40 AM  

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