Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rewarding incompetence and negligence or merely Nationality?

The EU crippled the economies of its member states from the introduction of the Euro Currency and thereafter. This was because it was a political, rather than economic programme!

As may be read in this profile/C.V., of the German, Klaus Regling, linked here, this Eurocrat was the Director General for Economic and FinancialAffairs of the European Commission from 2001 to 2008, the period when economic stagnation took hold across the EU,leading eventually to the present still growing crisis and economic distress of several EU and Eurozone member states.

What would a Democratic Society do with such an incompetent? What would a system based upon Justice decide to extract or exact as a fitting penalty for his abject failures? Not the reward about which you may read below, I would be sure, such abuses can surely not have been so rewarded in Europe since the days of the barbarities of the Middle Ages.

Klaus Regling, has, incredibly, been appointed head of the EFSF and therefore a kind of Obergruppenf├╝hrer placed in effective control of the onetime country of Ireland! Read here.

Can anyone who really examines what is going on in the EU continue to retain their sanity?

Here is a man, with no apparent attributes, a record steeped in misjudgements and failures( a malfunctioning cog from a thoroughly corrupt machine,) now appointed to control a once democratic, independent and sovereign nation (one of several on whom he has wrought similar economic penury), with no vote and no fanfare. Just the steady creep of Secretive Fascism steadily re-establishing itself across Europe!

Click on the date selection in the chart at the end of this posting and enter the year 2001, to see the uselessness of this man who headed the Economic Policy of the EU from 2001 - 2008 and see where it took us all:

 Klaus Regling's Record (set start date to 2001)


Having done that, you will be able to view a graphic showing the miserable growth rates achieved in the Eurozone before the complete economic collapse in 2008! The Permanent and Unmovable record of the miserable failure that was the Directorate General of Economic Affairs of the EU Commission as run by Klaus Regling from 2001 to 2008, one of the darkest periods of history in Europe's long and often frequently equally ill-governed history

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