Monday, April 25, 2011

Is the EU courting civil unrest in Ireland and elsewhere?

The Irish Times this morning headlines a claim by former Irish Finance Minister, Brian Lenihan, that they were risking civil unrest if they imposed too draconian terms of the enforced financial bail out, read here. That of course is exactly what they have now got in Greece. Is this the desired aim, after all never before in history have the liberties of conquered people been obtained without some form of violence.

Consider this map of Western Europe when divided between France and the Plantagenets in the years 1154 - 1189 with this of the German Occupation Zone in France in the 1940 - 44.

The Empire Germain Germanique, shown in the first map, had done pretty well in the interim, had it not?

A combined reading of the  history of France and England provides a good insight into where the true dividing line in Europe has fallen throughout the centuries.

To the eternal shame of my generation, is the map of Europe again about to be redrawn, due to our navel gazing, self-serving materialism, negligence and general lack of care for our precious freedoms?

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