Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Euro is to the EU as Christianity was to Charlemagne!

Western Europe (now unhappily including its offshore British Isles), stands on the brink of its worst catastrophe over centuries of history! Over the coming Easter weekend, while our corrupt rulers vacation at huge expense in their luxurious homes or in outrageously priced hotels (leaving little to report on our progress towards calamity) I will take a look back through history to see what if anything we can learn from similar, although affecting far fewer people, periods in our past. These reviews begin today with the Emperor Charlemagne.

The fall of the Carolingian Empire brought to an end a period of peace and prosperity across a large part of Western Europe.

As my wife writes in her the first chapter of a forthcoming book to be published later this year and provisionally entitled, "Romanesque Revealed":

Charlemagne’s vast empire engendered the ideal of a unified Christian community under one government. After the death of Charlemagne in 814, the Carolingian empire began to crumble, as its strength rested more on Charlemagne’s personal qualities than on any strong economic or political governance. The empire was too large to administer and consisted of too many diverse people, who were only unified by their Christianity. As central governance waned, lords and noblemen exercised authority in their own regions. Simultaneous invasions came from all directions. Many towns and cities were devastated by Northmen (Vikings), Muslims and Magyar raids. 

Charlemagne's rule depended, therefore, upon faith, it had, merely, the illusion of power, which disappeared as the early church became corrupt and simple people consequently lost their strong beliefs.

The driving force behind the Euro was former EU Commission  President, Jaques Delors, fanatical socialist on the French model and close confidant of the former Vichy Government member François Mitterand. President Sarkozy's strident defence of the Euro Currency at Davos this year, and his pledge that with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, he would fight for the money to the end, rings hollow already, as the reality of the True Finns victory in Finland forces President Sarkozy to face the prospect of defeat before Marine Le Pen with her potent promise of an In/Out referendum for the French, not just on the €, but on EU membership itself. Nor can Merkel herself now feel secure in the face of a string of local election losses and growing voter discontent over the increasing costs of the ever more numerous bail outs and their self-evident pointlessness.

Some view the lessons of the fall of Charlemagne's empire as being due to the lack of a common tax regime. Eurosceptics should beware and prepare to thwart any attempt  to impose such a common tax system across the EU, which will almost certainly become the last ditch attempt by the federalists to preserve their corrupt rule and their thoroughly rotten self-serving project!

Eurofederalists on the other hand could, this Easter, surely reflect on the reality of what the EU has now become. It would be incredible if moral human beings of either principle and/or conscience could continue to give their support to the dreadful institution that the EU has been deliberately shaped to become!

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Blogger Sir Henry Morgan said...

" ... principle and/or conscience ..."

er, this is the E.U you're talking about. 'Scumbag' is a necessary qualification. When did you ever know a scumbag of principle and/or conscience?

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