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On abandoning the defence of Britain from this August

I am posting this report sent to me by Anne Palmer in its entirety as it is so significant:


The Defence of the Realm.    19.4.2011. Anne Palmer.

The Defence of the Realm and the ability and readiness to defend it, is the most important job any Government has to do.  We are an Island nation, an Island race and we can never be continentals standing with one foot in one Country and the other in a different Country.  We are surrounded by water, and it is up to US the people and our own Government in particular to always have enough ships patrolling and guarding our shores. This is not anyone else’s business or problem, it is the bound duty of every adult in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and our British Governments in particular to ensure the protection and constant surveillance of our British Islands security is always uppermost in their minds and is a matter of fact.

Yet, from August 2011, a new EU law will allegedly become active to end protectionism in defence markets by setting out specific rules regarding procurement of military materiel.   It forces EU Governments (meaning also our UK Government) to open more defence tenders to foreign competition on penalty of Court action and the directive will also allegedly help to smooth the way for military pooling and sharing across EU Borders.

When/if this EU Directive comes into being, am I right in thinking that our alleged sovereign Government cannot chose where it buys-if it can ever afford to buy-essential equipment and the best and most reliable equipment, for our forces?  Or buy British if we want to?  Am I really correct in thinking that an outside "body" (The EU) has the right to tell the Government we pay and elect where it may or may not buy equipment to DEFEND THIS OUR OWN COUNTRY AND TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS?   For goodness sake tell me I am totally wrong for if I am not, this is the ultimate betrayal by those in whom we have placed our trust because they are paying FAR TOO MUCH OF OUR MONEY TO THE EU in EU contributions and far too much to the many EU Agencies, particularly to the EU Defence Agency which the UK Government has been contributing to since 2004, and this at a time when our own Forces were being killed because of lack of protective equipment.   One Soldier gave his flack jacket to another-and in that generous action, the former soldier paid with his own life.  The death of ONE British Solder through lack of essential equipment is too high a price to pay.

Sadly present British Governments are doing exactly what Government's did in the 1930-39 leaving this country completely unable to defend itself and unready for what was to come.   We may be the first Country to leave the EU, and leave it we must, but we will not be the last.

Defence of this, our Country and its people is, and always will be the first and foremost important priority of any British Government.  Not to be able to and not to do so is not only incompetent, but sheer treachery. 

We do not even have one Air-Craft Carrier at the ready, for the only one we have is HMS ILLUSTRIOUS (currently in refit) where it will remain until 2014 and
if it came out of dock tomorrow it could only carry Helicopters.   Ark Royal had three more years to go, there was no need to cut its ‘life’ short.  We are to “SHARE” allegedly an Aircraft Carrier with France.  It is a tragedy, an absolute outrage.  Where is the pride in your Country eh?  The laughing stock of the World.

I can’t believe I have had to write that!  To admit that this Island nation that depends on its once magnificent Sea Defences is to SHARE an Aircraft Carrier with a foreign Nation!

If we were not in the wasteful, dictatorial European Union, a Community which this Country should never have signed any Treaty with, we could have had a whole fleet of ships.  We are wasting Billions and Billions of British pounds in EU Contributions and have been doing so for all the years we have been in it.  What a waste!  What a dreadful waste not only through lack of ships and ‘planes but of the Forces, the Navy, the Air-Force that should be training NOW, and instead of which essential equipment is being destroyed, and its vital personnel, cut.

How dare the EU give us any kind of orders on what we should do as regards any part of the defence of our own Country?  How dare any British MP place this Country in such a position that it cannot defend itself?  Something the people after the last war were promised faithfully by those in Parliament that swore that this Country would never be allowed to ever find itself in such a position again.   There is no doubt what-so-ever that foreigners are making sure this Country will always be vulnerable and open to attack, and no longer able to defend itself on its own.   I grieve that we have had weak Governments that have allowed that to happen.

The EU has even decided if we do not obey what THEY say, it will be on penalty of Court action and fines and it reckons the proposed Procurement Directive will also help to smooth the way for military pooling and sharing across EU borders.  We the people, can never allow that to happen.  We have a Government that must never allow that to happen either.

How could any one of our MP’s or Government Ministers even think the British people would agree or accept what their temporary Governments seem to want to happen to their Country?  This is something that the people should have had a say on because it is all their lives that are at risk.  It is their once free sovereign Country that is at risk.  The Country that so many of the previous generation gave their lives for in saving from foreign rule.  Sadly, not one person in Government has had the guts to tell the people about these proposals, or the guts to tell the people the real facts that our defences have been deliberately run down in order to blend in with EU proposals for the melding together into EU Forces? 

To ratify Treaties and/or agreements without telling the people its contents, other than saying we cannot afford to keep all our forces, ships and ‘planes, yet strangely there is always the money coming from some-where for EU needs and EU contributions. There is money for the EU’s proposals for the High Speed Rail and for the EU’s proposals to divide ENGLAND up via the Localism Bill with the added expense of elected Mayors and all the regalia and entourage that goes with it, followed by the break up into the ‘local Regions’ the NHS, the Police, the Fire Service etc.  Then it will be money for the EU’s Motorway in the Sea with the probable loss of our 12 mile limit, the Single European Sky where we lose sovereignty over our air-space.  A never ending list none of which the people of this Country want, or want to pay for. We seem to have no money for the Defence of our Country, which is without doubt the most important matter for any British Government. It took us 60 years to pay off our debt to the USA for the Lend-Lease in the last War, friends indeed.  Governments since then entered into millions of pounds of debt through PPP/PFI, debts that even our Great Grand-children may be still paying off.  Governments have sold off “Crown Land” for money to spend, even selling off School playing fields, until it is doubtful there is much left to sell.

This Government entered into the war in Iraq under dubious questionable reasons and then Afghanistan and has recently taken part in the bombing of Libya and seemingly will continue to do so until its leader has stood down. Is that also questionable?

The very recent deliberate reduction of our Forces, touching on all three services including our police, the reduction of our ‘planes, ships, is what many may see as sheer treachery, for Governments have put the EU before allegiance to our Monarch, for these are Her Majesty’s Forces. The Monarch is also the Head of the Armed Forces as well as our Head of State. They are not the Governments forces to decide that they may be put under the Command of any foreigners, particularly permanently. Our Monarch is the only person who can declare war and when war is over, although she must take advice from the Government first.  Never before in the history of this Country has any temporary elected Government ever thought of allowing British Forces become involved in amalgamating into what would be permanent with those on the Continent.  Working with them, fighting along side of them if need be but never as I have so recently read in recent articles or what is proposed by the European Union. 

The Military Covenant reads--

“Soldiers will be called upon to make personal sacrifices – including the ultimate sacrifice – in the service of the Nation. In putting the needs of the Nation and the Army before their own, they forego some of the rights enjoyed by those outside the Armed Forces. In return, British soldiers must always be able to expect fair treatment, to be valued and respected as individuals, and that they (and their families) will be sustained and rewarded by commensurate terms and conditions of service. In the same way the unique nature of military land operations means that the Army differs from all other institutions, and must be sustained and provided for accordingly by the Nation. This mutual obligation forms the Military Covenant between the Nation, the Army and each individual soldier; an unbreakable common bond of identity, loyalty and responsibility which has sustained the Army throughout its history. It has perhaps its greatest manifestation in the annual commemoration of Armistice Day, when the Nation keeps covenant with those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives in action”.  End of Quote.

These three paragraphs below are from page 37 “The Case for a new approach to EU military collaboration” by Thomas Valasek.

“Regarding the New EU defence procurement directive which is due to commence in August 2011, a new EU law will make it difficult for governments to shield national defence companies from outside competition. The EU’s directive aims to end protectionism in defence markets by setting out specific rules for procurement of military materiel.  At present, the defence sector is in practice largely exempt from the EU’s single market rules, on national security grounds.

The EU has countered by setting out new procurement procedures for defence goods, which take into account the specificities of the sector (such as the need for guaranteed supplies in times of war). Under the new law, governments will find it more difficult to justify exemptions from these new rules. If the European Commission enforces its new rules – and it may have to resort to the European Court of Justice because many member-states will be tempted to drag their feet on implementation – defence and security sectors will see much more cross border competition.

By forcing EU governments
to open more defence tenders to foreign competition on penalty of court action and fines, the directive will also help to smooth the way for military pooling and sharing across EU borders. At present, protectionism often thwarts co-operation. By opening markets, the defence procurement directive will help level the playing field”. (END of Quotes)

Our own British Government is allowing this Country to sink once more into exactly the same position it was in, in the 1930-1939, totally and utterly unprepared for the full scale war that was to come.  No foreign Government or EU should be allowed to know what armaments we have nor how many forces we have in operation, or where we buy defence goods from.  Our own Government should make their own decisions what armaments they want and where from which is preferably from our own British Companies.  Our Forces should have the best equipment available and no person outside our Country should have anything what so ever anything to do with our defences at all. Neither to know what we have got-the cost-our quantity etc.

In time of war or actions for the prevention of war, the Defence of our Realm is purely a matter for our own Government Ministers, AND NO ONE ELSE.  Such information given to foreigners in time of war-and are we not at war at this present moment in time at least in two areas- would be an act of treason- which would have even been a hanging offence if found guilty in the last war.

No one can possibly predict whether there will be another war or not and the way things are at present, there may well be another full scale war sooner than anyone thinks. 

While you are reading this around about the 19th or 20.4.2011, our Prime Minister and would be Prime Ministers are very busy trying to get the people to either vote for FPTP or AV.   This apparently is THE most important matter to all of them.  They are devoting their time appearing on television and going round to various meetings as if their very lives depend on the out come.  All for a new way of voting for a Government that, because of the treacherous EU Treaties Political Parties have ratified since 1972, can only obey EU Orders like the rest of the British people.  It will always be thus as long as we remain in the EU and the longer we remain in it the less important the UK becomes until we have nothing left to have British Governments for, whether our “vote”  be given via AV or FPTP.  

The people of course cannot continue to contribute financially towards foreigners to govern them because that is contrary to the oaths of allegiance that anyone born here owes to the Monarch from that moment they are born here in the UK.

So WHY exactly do our MP’s think the people should continue to vote for them any more when all the MP’s they vote for is debate EU legislation yet cannot alter any major part of it?  What does it matter which method the people choose to vote for any MP, for they certainly cannot make all our laws.   Violation of the Solemn Oath of Allegiance to the Crown and through the Crown to all the people in this Land of ours, is without doubt the greatest betrayal of all.  Without doubt, the EU Commission take their Oaths very seriously indeed. 

The Government’s Strategic Defence Review  October 2010.  Given by the Prime Minister “Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty”   75 Pages.

For exactly what we have lost in forces and equipment read:- UKNDA-Nationwide pages 5 and 6.

“The Case for a new approach to EU military collaboration” by Thomas Valasek

The page
Defence Procurement Directive

Further explanation of the Directive

of 13 July 2009 on the coordination of procedures for the award of certain works contracts, supply contracts and service contracts by contracting authorities or entities in the fields of defence and security, and amending Directives 2004/17/EC and 2004/18/EC

On 23 May 2011, the European Commission will hold a high-level conference on Defence and Security Industries and Markets.



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