Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Middleton Mettle of the Duchess of Cambridge.

I posted yesterday on the absence of royal wedding invitations for officials of the odious EU organisation, regardless of their assumed level of self-importance and the two former British Prime Ministers, chiefly complicit in foisting the renamed EU Constitutional Treaty upon Britain, without the solidly promised referendum. I also made note of the total absence of the loathed EU flag on the processional route and from many places elsewhere in the country.

It was if the entire Royal Family, after decades of retreat and prevarification, had finally obtained some proper backbone. Somebody, somewhere had dug their feet in, methinks!

The despair at the decades of decadence and double speak, daily chronicled on this blog, yesterday could momentarily have been forgotten.

It is too early yet to hope for a new era and a possible return to a renewed constitutional democracy, but with the arrival of the new Duchess of Cambridge, Princess William, as a future Queen, a glimmer of daylight perhaps can be discerned at the end of the long dark tunnel which has had our country ever deeper entrapped within the EU.

Eleanor of Aquitaine brought huge new territories in Aquitaine  as a dowry for the Planagenet Henry II when she foresook the French King in his preference. Kate Middleton, a so-called commoner, brings no such wealth, pedigree or lands into her marriage. It appears she has something far rarer and of perhaps greater value, a quality shared by the Queen of the Troubadours, the quality of a strength of character, tensile as that of the highest quality tempered steel and as cutting as diamonds. The very epitomy of national character that has been missing from Britain's entire national leadership since the death of Sir Winston Churchill.

Dare I hope that the new Duchess of Cornwall has this spirit, so as to champion the British people against their milksop leaders, clearly scared witless by the evil monstrosity they have permitted the European Union to become?

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