Thursday, May 05, 2011

True Finn Leader Timo Soini Interview

Bloomberg will interview Timo Soini at 09:10 am London Time today. He will assert that Greece must default according to Bloomberg news bulletins, so it may be worth catching. This blog will post a report on this posting when the interview has been concluded.

Post Interview Update It appeared Mr Soini had been placed under considerable political pressure to concede agreement over Portugal over the past couple of weeks and on the permanent transfer mechanism due to be agreed 25th June. He re-iterated that he had warned the Greek Bail Out would not work one year ago when it came into effect. He would not vote in the Finnish Parliament for the Portugal Bail Out by the EFSF. If it passed he indicated that would then be the democratic decision. The lady conducting the interview appeared to me either ignorant, ill-informed or both.



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