Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hysterical Hannan MEP - Time to Walk the Talk

Daniel Hannan MEP occasionally blogs on the EU on a blog on the Daily Telegraph.

Today he is moaning at the illegality of the waste of billions of pounds worth of British tax-payer's cash. Two comments to his blog, quoted below and linked here, put the matter precisely:

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Well, Daniel
Now's the time to walk the talk
Why don't you initiate legal action against this. You are most articulate and I am sure that, asked to give evidence, you would be most persuasive.
I'm not asking you to fund an action but perhaps we could get Greece and ireland to get legal aid!

Seconded. For a public official to authorize payment of public funds to an entity which is acting illegally is, I've always thought, itself illegal (which includes entities which fail to produce lawful accounts - such as the EU). I'm happy to stand corrected. But if this is the case, is there anything to stop any UK citizen walking into their local police station and reporting the chancellor for breaking the law?

Don't you just love hypocrisy?



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