Monday, January 21, 2013

German Elections - Our Next Leaders!

In the EU the big event of 2013 will be the German General Election. I think it was the last German General Election but one, where the floods affected the campaigning, that I first pointed out on this blog that the German electorate were now the only voters across the EU with the power to make any difference by their choice of candidate in a national vote. Any who scoffed at that should now examine the startling campaigning policy of ex-President Sarkozy in the campaign last year and the inability to since affect events of his successful opponent.

Of course, it follows from these sorry facts, that if German electors only desire an ever stronger and economically more powerful Germany running the EU, then that is what the EU will get!

A report on a local state poll of yesterday where Chancellor Merkel's Coalition was beaten may be read from here.



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