Monday, June 06, 2011

EU's totalitarian jackboot grinds into the face of European Democracy!

Tens of thousands of Greeks protested in front of their neutered parliament in Athens last evening. Today that country's MPs look set to sell their nation out for a few more months on the public payroll.  Soon this scene will be being replayed all across the Continent of Europe and no doubt various among some of its formerly 'national'  offshore islands.

For once a small portion of Britain's mainstream media, (not the BBC needless to say,) is paying attention to this modern day Greek tragedy, read "The big fat Greek sell-off" from the Daily Telegraph, this morning, linked here.

A fascinating glimpse into the true nature of the outrage presently being perpetrated is illustrated in the list of those charged with the sell-off of assets, they are mainly the very French and German banks, that the whole exercise is being mounted to save from the bankruptcy they thoroughly deserve, as their own plight is due to their self-serving greed, incompetence and mis-management. I quote:

The advisers and sell-offs being set up include:

Deutsche Bank and National Bank of Greece on the sale of OPAP, the state gambling monopoly
Credit Suisse on state lotteries
Rothschild and Barclays appointed for road concessions
PriceWaterhouse selected for railway firm OSE
France's BNP Paribas and Greece's National Bank on the extension of an operating lease on Athens International Airport.
Lazard on exploiting the commercial activities of the Greek trusts and loans funds.

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