Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fear from Germany

The following highly topical quote is from an essay in this week's Der Spiegel magazine by Dirk Kurbjuweit, linked here.

....democracy has lost its dignity. And that is dangerous. The foundation of any dictatorship is the tacit or open threat of violence against citizens. Their fear supports the system. The basis of democracy is respect among citizens. Their approval supports the system. If this approval disappears, democracy crumbles.

Watch the police in Greece in this video:

Watch them in Spain from this earlier post of mine, from here. Look at the photograph from the middle of London, recently posted just below. The German who wrote the above passage knows what he is talking about.

These EU uniformed cloned cops, are there to scare us witless, they can do so as they wish, because our democracy HAS been stolen and destroyed! Our national politicians are no longer responsible to us and we do not know who really controls the evil EU empire that has deliberately brought all this to reality!

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