Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Euro Crisis deepens as Finland requires True Finns' participation in forming a Government

An interesting development this evening in the collapse of the Euro, and therefore the EU, as presently constructed, comes in various reports from Finland, of which one in English is here.

Timo Soini's True Finns party has been climbing in the polls since their stunning result in the Finnish General Elections. Since then a typically degrading EU ploy was employed in their country and parliament, to defeat the verdict of the electorate, and permit the commitment of further taxpayers funds to yet another bail out, this time for Portugal.

Bloomberg has just issued a more detailed report, linked here, which explains that only three days remain for the EU controlled clone Katainen, (who stage managed the vote for Portugal) to form a government, failing that, other parties who presently seem prepared to make a stand against the Finns being fleeced any longer, will take charge.

Greece and Finland, at opposite ends of the EU, now seem to have the corrupt elite that are the controllers of this sordid mess, caught in a pincer movement, all Europeans must hope they can crack this nut so that we all can make a fresh beginning, no matter what the immediate economic difficulties!



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