Tuesday, June 07, 2011

EU Commission to monitor national corruption! Perhaps it isn't up to Brussels' world beating levels?

The report from EU Observer, left me gob-smacked yesterday on first reading, but I was distracted by blogging on the disaster unfolding in Greece, brought upon us all by the thoroughly corrupt EU.

This morning I have returned to the article and it is as horrific/hysterical (take your pick,) as I at first thought. How can a sane individual react to this type of complete garbage, some quotes from this link.

A special report on what EU member states are doing to fight corruption and how cases are actually solved is to be drafted by the European Commission every two years, home affairs commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom has announced.
"No country in the EU is totally free from corruption. Four out of five EU citizens regard corruption as a major problem in their country. This is a serious challenge, socially, politically and economically," she said during a press conference on Monday (6 June).

The new mechanism, which will provide non-binding evaluations and recommendations of the countries' actual anti-corruption practices, not only adopted laws and norms - is seen as a pressure tool on politicians to live up to their transparency and clean government pledges.

The real purpose of such a move, by such a dreadful organisation as the present EU, addicted to the secretive abuse of power as it is, has to be to identify the most corrupt individuals in each member state, so that it can hold the threat of exposure over them and thus bend them to its will, in furtherance of their own obscene obsession with grabbing ever deeper and wider powers.



Blogger A K Haart said...

Difficult to know where they might start. How about the EU president not being elected? Does that count as corrupt? Nope, probably not.

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