Wednesday, October 20, 2010

EU Squadrons will most probably be the only ones to fly from Britain's new Carriers!

What a dog's dinner was yesterday's defence review! Drawing a pension, as I do, I have seen many such reviews down the years from both main parties during the long sorry decades of Britain's steady and now obviously carefully and deliberately contrived decline. Never, however, one to match the apparent intellectual vacuity or deliberate treachery of that announced yesterday! The Prime Minister, David Cameron stated the following, (see Hansard from this link): There is only one thing worse than spending money you don't have, and that is buying the wrong things with it-and doing so in the wrong way. The carriers they ordered were unable to work effectively with our key defence partners, the United States or France. They had failed to plan so carriers and planes would arrive at the same time. They ordered the more expensive and less capable version of the joint strike fighter to fly off the carriers. And they signed contracts, so we were left in a situation where even cancelling the second carrier would actually cost more than to build it. [Interruption.] I have this in written confirmation from BAE Systems. 1) It beggars belief that the USA, other than in emergency situations would choose to land their aircraft on our carriers given their own large fleet. Is the Prime Minister suggesting the ships will be interoperable for both French and all the many US planes some of which are Harrier versions, which he himself yesterday scrapped! 2) The French are as bankrupt as ourselves, but wisely decided to cancel their two carriers - furthermore we have few joint strategic interests with the French. 3) If he has the evidence he states from BAE systems then he has proof of what appears clear treason in an obvious attempt to bind the hands of any administration following that of Gordon Brown the effect of which has been to further impoverish the nation (as if Brown had not gone far enough in that direction already given his economic incompetence or deliberate neglect). There is only one so-called ally of Britain with the economic muscle to finance the jet fighters that might be able to fly from these carriers and that is Germany. Even Cameron appeared reluctant to give words to this truth, therefore his bleatings about planes from France and the USA. In view of such sensibilities the planes will no doubt be labelled as EU squadrons as no doubt will the crews who man the ships. It seems unlikely that officers trained in the tradition of the Royal Navy at the Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth would be prepared to mount the kind of internal dissent suppression missions that the shadowy figures behind the EU are likely to require of these ships, their jet fighters and presumably Chinook delivered EU Rapid Action storm troopers able to put ashore at short notice anywhere near the austerity weary coastal regions of the centralised and de-democratised EU. In view of the cuts in other surface ships the proud days of Britannia College in Dartmouth must also therefore seem surely numbered. German Professor Markus Kerber, of the University of Berlin, with views with which I concur on the economy but not the direction of the EU, on a recent debate in Paris on the France 24 TV Debate programme gave a good insight into the lust for military might that now exists within Germany. We must question why and unite to defeat the new EU Treaty proposed by EU President Van Rompuy this week with the very short 2013 deadline and immediate endorsement from Chancellor Merkel and President Sarkozy meeting with the Russian President at Deauville, read here. The debate referred to in the last paragraph above may be watched from this link. The comment on the Aircraft Carriers is at 11 minutes 30 seconds into part 2 of the debate.

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Blogger Robert said...

It is a no brainer. The French have no carriers (apart from one that never goes to sea) and a shed load of carrier type Rafales, and we have a carrier and no aircraft.

We also have various treaties relating to defense arrangmenets not least the St Malo accord.

Our contribution to the European Rapid Reaction Force is two carriers. It's a perfect Euro stitch up. Even the BBC was talking of Rafales yesterday so it must be true.

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