Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gotthard Underpassed! A feat unlikely to be quickly surpassed.

The breakthrough video may be viewed on this link with a report here. The definitive work on the massive importance of the St Gotthard Pass and its influence on Europe's history was published in its English translation from the German original in 1979, it was titled "The Gotthard Switzerland's Lifeline" and was written by Arthur Wys, who in his introduction stated the following: "Hardly any other traffic route has had such a marked and lasting political and state establishing effect as this, the most central of all passages across the Alps. The Gotthard was not merely the place where the Confederation came into being, it was the main reason for its creation. Although hewn by Nature as a watershed and cultural frontier, it has served for centuries not to separate the peoples on its two sides but to unite them in both purpose and action. Not only for Switzerland but for the whole of Europe, the Gotthard has become one of the most important and unifying international transit routes." If true as it was in 1980, when the first road tunnel high above today's completed tunnel first opened, how much more so has that become today. Soon no longer will the lorries have to crawl to great heights, spewing diesel fumes along the way, to risk the elements and dangers of the fantastically engineered N2 as it snakes its way through the treacherous Alpine valleys. The Swiss Confederation, the Confederation Helvetique (more correctly translated into English as Celtic Confederation) is alone responsible for this great achievement. Switzerland with its direct democracy, regular referenda and independent-minded cantons proudly illustrates how a nation with four different languages can stand as one when bound by democracy. A shining example of the way ahead for all Europeans, deliberately ignored by the founding fathers of the corrupt and non-democratic EU, the disastrous economic effects of whose ambition and self-serving greed we are only just beginning to properly perceive today. Europeans are fortunate that we have a nation such as Switzerland at our Continent's heart, shining as a beacon in proof of what free peoples, when working together, can voluntarily achieve and steadfastly remaining apart from the disaster that is engulfing all around them. Details of the technological marvel that is the Alp Transit may be found here.

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Blogger strapworld said...

Is the tunnel long enough to cater for the motorcade of our beloved President of the European Union Hermann van Rompuy.

Is it true they are going to name the tunnel ROMPUY TUNNEL after our beloved President?

Will you be giving us all an account of the day by day progress of the £280 million Presidential Palace to be built in Brussels?

Isn't it wonderful to live in a democracy?

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