Saturday, October 16, 2010

France slowly grinds to a halt.

As pipeline deliveries of aviation fuel to the airports of Paris are halted from the strike ridden refineries and panic buying of petrol, diesel and LPG hit the service stations all across France those who have brought the former nations of the EU to their economic knees and destroyed their democracies will do well to pause for thought. Le Figaro report in french linked here. As I described in my novel Millennium Blitzkrieg, written way back in the mid to late nineteen nineties, it is those who can control the supplies of energy to our sophisticated societies who will have the final say as to their social arrangements. And where are the bloated self-serving troughers who have grown fat, idle and complacent from their disastrous EU experiment? Well many of them this week have been on a "training" beanfeast in five star hotels in Madeira, read here. Meantime the centre for any hope for Europe has once again returned to the Continent's heart deep in the Alps, upon which topic and the Swiss democratic model I will once again have much more to say during the course of this weekend.

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