Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CPI vs. RPI - Google to the Rescue

If there are many like myself who have worried over recent times at the way different indices offer varying ideas on the true direction of our doomed economy, the news that Google will monitor price rises based on online sales actually made will come as something of a relief. The report is linked from here. Can politicians be trusted in any area of life? The evidence everyday seems to mount that they can neither be trusted on prior promises nor on policies and that such doubts must soon extend to their control of the national statistics upon which their present deliberate wealth destroying policies are based. The deliberate manipulation of statistics, if not already a fact, must pretty surely be soon on its way. When Google's inflation index has become a measure of trust, will our politics have been so reformed that politicians could be once again trusted to ensure that Google is kept honest? More on the change from RPI to CPI from The Independent, linked here.



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