Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Germany owns Ireland AND the UK

I quote below an interesting extract from a column in the Irish Independent by Davi McWilliams, linked here:

The other day I met a German radio presenter from ARD, the German public radio station. I've known her for quite a while -- since a brief spell working on the German economy in the 1990s for an investment bank. She, like many other foreign correspondents, has been sent to Ireland to see what is going on here.

After a while, I wondered why she hadn't asked me anything about the Government, or the prospect of an election or what new political constellation might emerge here. She joked and in an exaggerated German accent laughed: "David, it doesn't matter who your next prime minister is, he will have no power -- we own you now, and he will do what we tell him."

The problem is that the joke is on us. She touched on the nub of the issue: the Irish elite is prepared to sell the sovereignty of this country to protect the likes of Roman Abramovich and other vulture investors who bought up third-rate Irish banking debt at a discount and are hoping to get paid in full.

Finally the truth as to why we have been pushed into the EU is slowly coming out, just at the moment when the Conservative Party at its non-Conference is being serrupticiously put to sleep, and simultaneously with the deliberately contrived financial crisis further seeming to reduce our potential for freedom of independent action! Only by removing ourselves from the EU can we hope to weather this crisis without the necessity of foreign totalitarian control!



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