Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let EU spending surge!

There is an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph this morning. It is written by Philip Johnston and is linked from here, it reports on the ever rising EU budget and points out that as everywhere else across Europe cuts are in progress, the greedy, insular and blinkered filth who run the EU demand ever more funds for their entirely pointless, wasteful and now happily certainly doomed project. Open the spending taps and let them splurge as they will! Only thus, it seems, might the anger of the brainwashed, disenfranchised and idiotic people of Europe see the ghastliness and corruption in their midst, which their neglect of their democracies has allowed to take form. Another view, written by John Lichfield, on possible alternative futures for the EU is in The Independent this morning, linked here. An interesting quote: They do not envisage (yet) dismantling the binding treaty rules which underpin the single European market. Or the Euro. Or the EU budget. Or the Common Agricultural Policy.



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