Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cameron and Osborne out-Foxed on Defence?

Much of the mainstream media has been suggesting a triumph for the Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox, in avoiding even more massive defence cuts. Initial reports appear fairly encouraging that we will retain a reasonable hard core of battle hardened and Afghanistan/Iraq wearied troops to provide the basis for both training a new conscript army to handle the coming chaos from the crumbling of the EU and acting as the backstop to Authority in bringing all the political traitors responsible for bringing Britain to its knees since Edward Heath first blaized the trail to proper account for their self-serving and now clearly treacherous actions. Perhaps Dr Fox has shown the necessary mettle to be a leader in the Coalition Cabinet for the 30/40 Conservative backbenchers who last week demonstrated that there are at last a few MPs now in Parliament who are prepared to bring to a halt to the further bleeding of our national wealth to the corrupt and unaccountable EU whose main member states now have control of all our basic utilities and whose major multinational companies have driven ours to the wall such as in the case of Portland Cement. This blog, that thrust itself into the defence debate (here and the reply here) will hold off sending congratulations to the Defence and Foreign Secretaries following a full and proper review of the details of future defence commitments after Tuesday's publication date. Are we really proposing to finance and run aircraft carriers for French and German aircraft to pursue their possibly potentially colonialist ambitions in Africa for example? A sobering thought for a Sunday!



Blogger strapworld said...

Let us not overlook the disgraceful fact that spending on defence as a percentage of GDP has been reducing, under successive governments, since the end of WW2!

The Military Covenant has been well and truly broken.

So, however well Dr Fox has appeared to have argued his case the fact is that the conservative/liberal government have reduced spending on the defence of the realm further than the Blair and Brown governments!

So how they can pretend otherwise is quite astounding!

The conservatives and Liberal Democrats voted FOR an increase in EU contributions plus keeping overseas aid and ring fencing the NHS and education.They then say that, for welfare cheats, three strikes and you will not get any welfare for eighteen months. Quite unbelievable. Why cannot they be tough?

Sorry it looks, to me, that they are going really soft.

Cromwell, where are you when you are needed!

11:19 AM  

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