Tuesday, October 19, 2010

RN Flagship HMS Ark Royal sunk with all its aircraft!

The traitors within Britain's Parliament have conspired with the enemies of the nation within the EU to sink the Royal Navy's flagship and all its aircraft. More on the defence cuts after the traitor Cameron speaks in Parliament at three thirty London time this afternoon.



Blogger Robert said...

Why bother waiting? We had all the details from the horses mouth on the 1.00pm news here.

Never mind the details he was disclosing, it was the mannerisms that struck me as he talked. The hand movements were pure Blair. Only the face and the accent were different. Same suit, same tie, same delivery, same mannerisms, same clone. Could have been Clegg or Mr Ed the talking horse.

This is EU defence revue part 1. The French need to sell aircraft to make the Rafale an almost viable project. They have an aircraft carrier, but it never goes to sea. The Royal Navey has an aircraft carrier that is being built and the government cannot cancel it now (French company owned shipyard?) so what better solution than to find a new home for all those orphaned French jets. Voila c'est parfait, une entente cordiale avec les rosbifs. Ils achete nos avions a gros prix et voila plus de problemes avec Dasaut.

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