Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Galileo really just an EU Big Brother in Space?

I have been wondering of late why every rural road in the region where I live in South West France has been adorned with large white numbers counting the distance at every kilometre between nowhere of any significance and somewhere else of similar unimportance or even just another similarly strangely numbered junction with another such previously pleasant and unspoiled country road. Open Europe has published some research on the always pointless seeming EU Galileo space satellite project, linked here. Let's face it the US system has been in existence for years, worked splendidly without fail for my own transatlantic navigations on my yacht and during subsequent coastal water cruising and seems perfectly adequate for similar car navigation systems widely in use today. Mary Ellen Synon in her own blog on the topic raises other interesting points as always and that is linked here. What seems unmentioned is the Big Brother capabilities of the system, could this be an explanation for all those numbers on the roads? Does the EU now wish to monitor even every movement we make in our daily lives, nothing about this monstrous EU project would come as a complete surprise anymore, but surely these fears of mine are absurd? But are they, why else are the numbers flat to the sky rather than vertical for ease of view by the traveller, such as on old mile posts?



Blogger Robert said...

What nobody mentions in all this is that it is a French rocket that sends up the satellite. There is also the other user of satellites-Eumet the European weather service again using satellites launched in French Ghiana by French rockets.

So we have EU money supporting Galileo when all our satnavs run off the American system, EU money supporting a French based space agency and EU money supporting French rockets supporting an EU Weather service. All the people working for these organisations are also on tax free Euro salaries. The weather service is based tax free in Darmastadt

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the EU has already disclosed that Galileo can be used for military purposes.

I don’t believe however that the numbers are of any significance to Galileo.

We have just seen that the EU means to levy a tax on heavy goods vehicles for the damage done to the environment, how a tax helps is beyond me.

I do believe that the Galileo system will be used to track and monitor the ordinary car driver. Every car will be required to have something built in to enable Galileo to track them, and yes tolls will eventually be imposed.

This is just another means to steal more money in order that our emperor and empress, Rumpy Pumpy and the High representative whore Ashton, can build up their tin pot empires.

Water is on the agenda next

Once you’re able to read through the spin it becomes so clear, it’s all about power, control, and money.

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