Monday, October 18, 2010

Incumbent Politicians are the biggest threat to Britain!

Cyberthreats and terrorism we are told by the hopeless Home Secretary this morning are the main threats to Britain. What nonsense! As in Nevada, where a Granny has publicly challenged the accumulated wealth of the senior sitting Senator, it is the incumbent politicians everywhere in our degraded and run down democracies whose wrecked economies give evidence of the consequences of their self-motivated greed. In the UK it is the leaders of our three main parties who side-stepped the promised referendum and handed our democracy to foreigners while rigging the housing market to maximise their own returns most likely as a direct consequence of the quirk in the parliamentary expense regime whereby they nearly all were allowed to aquire two houses at the public's expense. The house price bubble will soon be seen to be the true disaster it is for the nation! Incumbent politicians across the country should be made to account for every penny of their accumulated assets, if they cannot do so their pensions should be forfeit and in the worst cases long jail sentences should follow. Follow the detail of the cuts to be announced this week and carefully consider, did the IRA or any other terrorist ever inflict such damage upon our economy? Are cyber terrorists ever likely to be able to do so much harm? Real poverty is coming to ordinary families as a result of the nation's wealth having been sent at huge discounts across the Channel. Cyber attacks are a pure diversionary tactic by the guilty swindlers presently sitting in Parliament. Read one such typical propaganda report from here.

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Blogger Robert said...

Not all politicians have two houses funded by the tax payer. Some have one and some may have none. Others have more than two houses.

I would be interested to know how many honourable members have a property portfolio of more than their constituency home and their London pad?

10:30 AM  

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