Thursday, February 14, 2013

UKIP's Proposed Eastleigh Candidate is a Liar

Cranleigh & Ewhurst

2011 results
Cranleigh & Ewhurst (1 vacancy)
Turnout: 54.47%
Electorate: 10614

COLE Richard ErnestLiberal Democrats933
JAMES Diane MartineIndependent1093
MACDERMOTT Lynda MayLabour Party (The)532
YOUNG Alan EdwardConservative Party2830ELECTED

An Independent, as James declares herself to the Ewhurst electors, must by definition belong to NO political party!

Yet the publicity blurb, issued by UKIP on 11th February 2013, introducing Diane James to the voters of Eastleigh, linked here, states the following:

"She joined UKIP in 2010 after deciding that they were the only party which represented her views on the political scene"

Either Ms James was lying to the voters of Waverley in May 2011 or she is now lying to the voters of Eastleigh, together with UKIP, regarding the date when she joined that party.

After ten years of being represented by a now self-confessed lying MP, Chris Huhne, who has incidentally now been told to attend court at lunchtime today with a "going away bag", surely the electorate of Eastleigh now deserves truthful, in so far as that is now possible in England, political representation?

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