Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Ashton heaps shame on the entire EU, but especially Britain

The statement by the representative of the odious High Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton, of the increasingly war-mongering economically crocked EU, on the bombing in Bulgaria of an Israeli tourist bus excluding any mention of the terrorist organisation named by investigators as probably involved, is but the latest in a long series of disasters that should be laid at the door of this friend of the weird and freakish former Prime Minister of Britain Gordon Brown. A EurActiv report is linked here.

Particular opprobrium must fall upon Britain and its ridiculous honours system as the whole of Europe is made aware from the frequent use of her title in press and broadcast media reports of her actions, reminding all that such unearned honour was obtained in advancing the casues of the daily more obscene European Union in the Upper Unelected and Appointed Legislative Chamber of Britain's Parliament!

Some means of removing her from office must urgently be found, all the better if it leaves Britain unrepresented on the revolting EU Commission itself, which yesterday AGAIN sought to find means of giving itself powers to pass regulations carrying criminal penalties. Background and presumed justification is here.

Britons beware, the EU Commission is seeking powers to jail dissidents, which will mainly be defined as any advocating break-up of this grotesque Union!


Blogger Robert said...

From an unrepentant Europhile this blog casts some light on the workings of Brussels, the Commission and the place of the Euro-elections and the European parliament that I had not linked.

There will be a clear out of the Commission in 2014 after the Euro elections when hopefully we will see the back of the deplorable Baronness and some others of her ilk.

8:13 AM  

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