Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Eastleigh voters have THE chance to "Call Time" on the Corruption of UK Politics

Chris Huhne, former MEP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change resigned yesterday and there will soon be a by-election in the Constituency of Eastleigh.

Should I consider running as an Independent based on my political views as delivered on Ironies, Ironies Too, Ukip Uncovered, Strasbourg Cesspit and Teetering Tories over the past ten years and before that my novel Millennium Blitzkrieg, the Financial Times  Forums on the Future of the Euro (as NM) and the Europa Discussion Forums of the Brussels machine? Comments welcome!

Should I seek another suitable independent candidate behind whom I could throw my weight? 

Or should I wait and see who UKIP select and possibly support that party if they field a sufficiently strong and fundamentally decent candidate?

Chris Huhnes' career which spectacularly portrays the deep rot within our political system is reviewed by Wikipedia here, and in much of the British Press this morning!


Blogger Robert said...

Why waste time and effort at an election that neither you nor the UKIP candidate will win? Not that you would not make a far better MP than the slime who has vacated the seat, but that not enough people will vote outside Libdim or Conservative. I think the difference between the two parties will be the UKIP and independent votes with the Libdims winning.The Labour vote will go to the Libdims.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Martin Cole said...

Thanks Robert, A good and no doubt accurate analysis.

6:47 AM  

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