Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are we Now Governed by Criminals?

The Daily Mail reports that 200 British servicemen are to be sent to Mali for training purposes, read here, more significantly such seems confirmed by the German State News organisation Deutsche Welle, here.

Mali is in a state of war and has called for assistance from France. Will British troops be under French command in Mali. Mali is not even a country within the British Commonwealth, so what is the legal position of our troops when in that country and who will be responsible in the event of casualties. Will Britain then be at war with the Islamists who have invaded the country?

What is the Treaty governing our co-operation with French forces on the ground in Mali, is it a hybrid of the St Malo Agreement between Britain and France? If so which Prime Minister has been criminally negligent in putting us into this state of illegality Blair, Cameron, or Brown in-between, or is it, as I suspect - all three?

Why is Parliament not being consulted and why from the morning media is no MP raising such questions?

Governance requires laws which the governed are expected to obey following the example set by their rulers! Under what laws and with what legality are the Coalition Government now operating with regard to deployment of our forces to Mali?

The EU has so eroded sovereignty and the meaning and integrity of nation states, that we are not only on the verge of economic bankruptcy but bankrupt of the most fundamental concepts of legal government! Our rulers act like anarchists!

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