Saturday, January 26, 2013

HS2 - The Whole of Westminster is Scared to Cross EU Commission

The Daily Telegraph has an item this morning titled "Minister; high-speed rail is worth the upset" linked here.

What is actually the situation regarding High-Speed Rail, demanded by the EU as part of its grotesque project is the following:

"Britain's entire political class and establishment is scared witless by the EU and will betray the British public at all times merely to try to curry favour!"

If the weather clears at all over this weekend, I will drive south to Brossac some 20 km of my home, to get some photographs of the destruction of the lovely landscape underway around that pretty town, in the hopeless bid to connect Lisbon to Brussels, while planes can make the trip already at a tenth of the time and about one hundredth of the coming cost!

The EU is at risk of earning a reputation as 21st century Vandals, wreaking far greater damage on Aquitaine and continent-wide human suffering than the reputation their namesakes, perhaps wrongly, gained from the Romans.

Some unifying item of outrage is badly needed to bring home to the 500 million people suffering the corruption and ill governance of the EU, how utterly repulsive this project has now become. Could the pointless destruction and huge financial waste involved in High Speed Rail be the spark that re-ignites the flame of freedom and democracy, all across Europe, against this truly sick, secretive and lying institution that has somehow gained unfettered power over us all; but in particular over our lying, power-seeking national politicians such as the completely callous sounding Minister in the article linked above?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the case. Europe has extreme issues maintaining living standards fall rates. The EC has not got the control only the distribution of money received from some members. As the UK pays more than it receives there is no reason for the UK to be concerned about the EU. The UK is a Sovereign state within an economically retarding area which is not adjusting to the over use of credit to natural resources raio.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

HS2 is not the only blight on the landscape caused by EU dogma.

10:01 AM  

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