Monday, January 28, 2013

HS2 Securing Siemen's Market for the Future

Contrary to the impression given on this linked website, extolling Siemens as a UK Superbrand, this conglomerate is a German company whose past is described here.

Like all other German industry the ongoing, and now likely to be permanent Euro Crisis, benefits such businesses, mainly in the longer run, by lower German interest rates allowing competitive advantages in investment compared with its Euro Zone partners. Thus Siemens' trains will have pushed out competition from the products of its French and Italian competitors long before the HS2 line is completed. 

Britain's high speed rail lines are therefore a high cost and unnecessary expense being incurred by Britain to provide a long term monopoly outlet for German trains, destroying much precious and scarce British countryside in the process and placing an almost unsupportable burden on capital availability for modern industries which might otherwise be invested to compete with Germany.

HS2 chosen three character designation has an interesting connotation in this respect, as it seems to fulfill the ambitions of the Nazi Third Reich; thus potentially leading to Hitler'S 2nd attempt at world domination?

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