Monday, February 04, 2013

It's Time for the Blairs to Return the Loot

Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was the main guest on the Andrew Marr show yesterday morning. He came over as still fairly bright, totally self-involved and clearly fond of pontificating on major world issues and matters such as the extension of power into the wider world, read here. There was no sign the he has as yet accepted that he is nothing but a common thief.

Last week I noticed a tweet stating the Blairs had bought another Kensington Home for an amount in excess of £1 million, this report from August 2010 had their then tally of properties at nine.

This accrued wealth of the Blair family, essentially springs from careers spent in supposed public service and from the ex-PM's  connections with the government's decision making processes, all supposedly undertaken in the public interest. 

Their wealth derives from policy decisions and personal actions taken on assumptions that can only have been made on the fiction that HM Treasury was stocked with gaggles of geese laying golden eggs, of which, in common with most of their political colleagues (I yesterday dubbed filth) they have done their utmost to obtain the maximum.

Those in public life, who have bankrupted the nation, and now sit on hoards of cash derived from deceit and known treachery, would be best to voluntarily turn it back to the public purse in which they have openly had their hands for decades.

The Blairs are not alone in holding such undeserved wealth, all across the main parties, the public sector, local government and among the hangers-on the guilty cling to the profits of the deliberate ramping up of property prices based on the lie of expanding national gdp.

Either John Major, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown, as former leaders during this long period of excess, are in unique positions to salvage their consciences and set an example by forsaking their loot and returning it for the public benefit!


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