Saturday, February 09, 2013

HS2 AND Horsemeat Horseshit

Study the document, linked here in pdf format, issued at the conclusion of the seven year spending-fixing session of the EU Council in Brussels yesterday, and the truth behind the never-ceasing lies, evasions and utter horseshit that are emitted from that Great Wen,  like excrement into the sewers of a city one hundred times its size, will become immediately clear!

On page 3 of the document we are informed that   "Heading 2 “Sustainable growth: natural resources” which will include a sub-ceiling for market related expenditure and direct payments"

Paragraph 17 at the foot of Page 8 starts with this statement "17. Interconnected transport, energy and digital networks are an important element in the completion of the European single market. Moreover, investments in key infrastructures with EU added value can boost Europe’s competitiveness in the medium and long term in a difficult economic context, marked by slow growth and tight public budgets.

Why, we must wonder in amazement, was this palpable nonsense not challenged in a group of national leaders imposing austerity across their Continent. This money is mainly being spent on rail projects such as HS2, which will do nothing but provide track for near empty and non-economic trains to run at a loss for decades into the future, mostly no doubt to be provided by a Siemens monopoly only for the use of servants of the evil EU institution itself. Productive personnel in private enterprise, should any survive the high taxes, required to lay the worthless rail-track, will probably long before have eradicated such individuals, who would of course in any event elect to use the cheaper and faster option of air travel or go by car. This is evident when looking at travel means across other more advanced continental land masses.

The costs set aside for this preferred transport options are set out on ¨Page 9 as follows:

(a) transport: EUR 23 174 million, out of which EUR 10 000 million will be transferred from the Cohesion Fund to be spent in line with the CEF Regulation in Member States eligible for funding from the Cohesion Fund;
(b) energy: EUR 5 126 million; 
(c) telecommunications: EUR 1000 million. 

Note the pathetic €1 billion for modern communications methods such as telcoms,  set against the huge sums for trains and the threat to Britain's energy independence by letting corrupt EU officialdom loose with over €5 billion to distort fully working free market decision making while lining their own pockets and pensions in manners of which we are now all fully informed.

So here is the cause of the latest lies from from our own political leaders of the three main parties. They see €23 Billion in a pot and without questioning its worth compete to get their fair share, lumbering Britain with a useless train line for decades ahead for which we will be committed to buy foreigners locomotives and suffer totally uneconomic transport costs WITHIN OUR ISLAND BARELY CONNECTED (if not hopefully fully divorced) from the Marxist run sclerotic nightmare that is regrettably our neighbour, but which our surrounding sea gives us every ability to fully and once and for all ignore!

AND the horse meat in this post's title you may wonder? Yet more of the total lies that the example given by our political parties have caused to spread throughout society. If not a word uttered by our leaders, civil servants and regulators is to be believed, why not pretend a cow is a horse? It makes more sense than pretending HS2 can be economically justified - within or without the EU!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said Martin, there was a time when Britain had a government that would not have relied on an outside (outsize?) quango to examine and improve her infrastructure.

That government would have also used its best asset - its people.

Our services are now foreign owned and run and serviced by foreigners - some holding huge monopolies.

This is "British influence" in the EU!


9:58 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

WTF is "with EU added value?"

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Things are much worse than you think.

10:22 PM  

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