Thursday, February 07, 2013

Can a UKIP Leader Claim "Busy in EU" to avoid Eastleigh By-Election

The UK Independence Party aims to secure renewal of Sovereign Independence and Parliamentary Governance  under a Constitutional Monarchy for the UK.

A golden opportunity exists in Eastleigh on 28th February to advance that cause. The sitting Liberal Democrat has been shamed by ten years of repeated lying, the Tories face their own leadership crisis, Labour's mis-mangement of the economy for more than a decade is under the spotlight with the latest scandals and fines by the US authorities of the taxpayer owned RBS.

Never again will the circumstances for a UKIP victory at a by-election be more fortuitous! My tweets of last evening spell out further reasons and are quoted herewith:

  1. Another factor  may have overlooked in deciding not to run at  in the 20 day campaign, the Tories sex abuse info is leaking
  2. So many of us have spent so many years fighting the clear evil the EU has NOW become surely Farage owes it his best shot at Eastleigh. 
  3.  Is there anybody in the party who can make these obvious points of my last few tweets plain and clear to Nigel Farage?
  4. : Why are Labour so pessimistic about Eastleigh? " WHY ARE UKIP WITH FARAGE???
  5. The short Eastleigh campaign totally erodes Farage's reasons for not standing in Eastleigh 20 days away from EU of no importance at all!!!
  6. Conservative base in Eastleigh must be hugely vulnerable following last nights vote and huge rumblings of Tory discontent!  re-think!
  7.  need to mobilise FAST!!! if Cameron removal is already underway a straight LibDem vs UKIP fight is an Eastleigh possibility
  8. Cameron in trouble Big trouble AND under attack on Conservative Home  Clegg must be hoping to seal an Eastleigh win fast

Should there be a question mark at the end of the title to this post, or should I have added "or lose electoral support?"?

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