Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Farage and the Ford Closure at Eastleigh

There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that shows Nigel Farage MEP is almost certainly the one main reason UKIP has no MPs in Westminster.

Up to this week it has been nigh on impossible to pin anything specific at his door, such a master of feint and dodge has he become. As I have been blogging and tweeting for several days now, since the horrible Huhne admitted his guilt, Farage would duck this brilliant latest opportunity in what has become his usual manner. The grave crisis facing the nation, the deep rot at the centre of government, the economic disaster that surely wipes Labour from contention, the chaos and back-biting within the governing coalition parties, none of these electorally fabulous opportunities proved sufficient to deviate Farage from his chosen course.

The Ford closure and transfer of jobs to Turkey, read here and here could be his undoing however! He cannot pretend he is unaware of this potential victory clincher for UKIP as he mentioned it as first item on his self-promotion visit to the constituency last Saturday, as captured on video!

For unsure UKIP voters and party members doubtful that Farage could be so unscrupulous as to so damage the party's chances to such an extent, consider the perfect opportunity delivered by this movement of jobs to Turkey with EU financing offered to a truly Eurosceptic party. Then carefully look at the credentials and anti-NHS background of the candidate the party is due to present in just two hours time near Eastleigh Station. Is not party defeat the clear intention?

This is either gross leadership incompetence or treachery on a quite awesome scale, putting Cameron's earlier breaking of cast iron referendum promises well into the shade!

Farage cannot be allowed to survive this farce! Or he has just over one hour to do the decent thing and stand behind his fighting words of the past decades!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very strong comment but so so true. Farage should be removed as leader. I bet, though, that he will join the Conservative Party.

People should send Farage white feathers.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Its never good to hear about a ford closing. I actually prefer to use Ford Service Centers whenever I need a tune up. I know Ford is doing very well and that they will rebound from this.

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you not aware that it was George Osborne who was one of the signatories to the loan from the EU Bank which gave the money to Ford Turkey to extend production there . Nigel Farage is perfectly within his rights to point out that having done this the Conservative Party are to blame for the closure of the Ford Transit van factory in the Uk

9:51 PM  

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